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The New Underground

Railroad Movement

Movement Building Opportunity to provide Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated populations services that seek Transformative Justice through Living Amends opportunities and Resources that support a Strategic Release framework.

New Underground

​The Movement was born out of the premise that the prisoner must be involved in their own liberation. If the prisoner is not involved in the transformation process of their oppressive reality, if they are not involved in the praxis of developing an inquiry of their own humanity

in order to first recognize their chains, then break free of them, then the prisoner is submerged deeper in the reality of their oppression by failing to be recognized for their role as ACTIVE participants in their freedom.

Submerged into the dynamics of incarceration and imprisonment the prisoner adopts the guidelines of the systems that exploit them; due to conforming to their environment out of fear of the consequences, but mostly due to the fact that they have not been involved in creating the guidelines to the transformation process leading to their freedom.

Therefore the prisoner must not only see and carry out their role in the transformation of their chains, but must be recognized as playing a pivotal role in the abolition of the prison industrial complex.

The prisoners must be their own example in their struggle for liberation. And any individual, group, or organization whose work involves abolition of any part or effect of the prison industrial complex cannot deal with the prisoner, in ideology or practice, as mere subjects waiting to be saved or spoken for, but must work in solidarity with prisoners, understanding that it is only in dealing with the day to day realities that prisoners face, articulated from the prisoner's praxis of experiences, that the true and sustaining solutions are to be found and sought for.


I Am W.O.E.

(Working On Excellence)

Movement Building Opportunity to provide Cultural Competencies, Civic Engagement Sustainability, and Narrative Reprocessing services from a Healing Informed, Misery Resistance, Perspective to System Impacted and Marginalized populations.

Collective Sustainability Activity:

Acting Collectively in accordance with simple, local information to carry on all of our survival activities. Rediscovering the meaning of "Survival Activities" to mean having a mindframe that recognizes that there is no better individual action then to work in Service to others.

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entails employing Unsheltered Ambassadors who will be fully trained, supported, and paid to do Environmental Justice support and advocacy around Recycling Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development in Stockton California...

to see the full plan of the WE CAN PROJECT, click here

We Can
SYSD Project
SYSD transparent Logos in Black.png

Stockton YOuth Self-determination 

The Stockton Youth Self-Determination Project is proud to join efforts #ElevateYouthCA to bring healing and culturally responsive wraparound care to youth through peer to peer support, transformative circles and community organizing activities. For more information about this project click here to fill out an interest form, click here

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